Sunday, September 27, 2009

I left something out!

I just weighed myself...I am starting at 180lbs, less than I thought yipee!

My very first blog!

I will be starting a lifestyle of eating tomorrow. I hope you will all join me and send some words of encouragement my way on my journey to a healthier lifestyle!

My plan:
I have used low carb in the past and I am going to do that again since it works so well.
I am going to drink more water because Lord knows I don't drink enough!
I am going to walk with friends who will keep me inspired.
I will do toning excercises...I don't want to be flabby.
I will use my Wii fit board even though it groans when I step on it!

I think that is enough of a start, so I will be updating tomorrow to let you know how the first walk went!